Thursday, January 10, 2008

Green Willow 4

In this story, the beautiful Green Willow goes Poof! when her tree is cut down.

The old couple had a beautiful young daughter named Green Willow. Tomodata fell in love with her at once and spent a sleepless night thinking of her. Remembering his Lord's warnings, he left in the morning before the family awoke. By the old man he left a purse with money. Green Willow followed him and, his quest forgotten, they found a little house to live in. For three years, the couple lived very happily in love. One day they were in the garden when Green Willow fell very ill and told Tomodata that she was about to die. He asked what was the matter and she moaned, "The tree..they have cut down my tree." Then she slipped from his arms to the ground, where he found only her clothes, still warm and sweet from he body.
In his old age, Tomodata became a holy man and travelled from shrine to shrine. One day he looked up and saw a little battered house on a hill. In front of the house stood three willow stumps. Tomodata stood for a long time looking at the stumps, singing a song to Green Willow.


INDIGENE said...

I love the story and your art! It's always a treat to visit! I love, love, love graphite and charcoal! Fabulous work as usual!


Sandra said...

This is just beautiful, the story is amazing.

johanna said...

the portrait and the story are beautiful!