Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Drawing Board (as in back to)

Well, that didn't work....As I posted before, I had high hopes for the litho I did this summer, but it was unsuccessful. The litho gods just weren't smiling upon me, so while I did get a print, it isn't in color, much less pochoir. I'm still going to try pochoir, but I'm going to use a simpler image from an old painting about what a good listener my mom is. It's called Time to Listen and is in the collection at the Kalamazoo Hospice. And, I'm going to do it in photogravure, instead of litho. Time for a break from that.
Anyway, I'm glad to have the opportunity to re-work this image. I've always liked it, but it has some formal issues that I'm looking forward to fixing. As soon as the quilt is finished, I'll start on this drawing.

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Ignatz said...

Hello Lynette. thanks for your visit and your comment.
I do not know if the gods were with you now, but I think that yes they were when you painted this picture, beyond the formal problems that you say that this has. Dissatisfaction with oneself is the engine of the artist.:)