Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Bluebeard's Last Wife

Holy moly. Has it really been two years since I posted? This is the inside view of my Bluebeard triptych, which was the main project for my final year of study for my M.F.A. Which I finished in May, 2013. It is a year later, and I still get a kick out of that.
     This was quite an engineering project and could not have been accomplished without the amazing Jeanne Pfeiffer at Sugar Maple Innovations. She is responsible for the beautiful cabinet that holds this piece.
     The work is interactive. There are two small working doors on the side panels. The right door has a working lock and key. Viewers may choose and image from the shelf below the triptych and place them in the panels behind the tiny doors. The viewer may also choose to lock or unlock the right side door. The choices of the participants affect the interpretation of the piece.
     Below is how the triptych looks when it is closed.

   Of course, now that I see them here, I want to change them! Hmm..I wonder how easy it would be to replace those panels….