Friday, February 22, 2008


Nasci is a form of the word nascent, meaning being born, or at the beginning. It has been very cold where I live, and even though I love the snow, my thoughts are starting to turn to spring. For me, this picture is a portrait of a new season.


Cindy DiBlasi said...

Beautiful. It certainly creates the feeling of seeds germinating and awakening, waiting to sprout from the ground. I love spring.

Kaitlyn Brock said...

I really like this painting. I am also very ready for spring. It's not much of a spring break right now, although it has warmed up. This painting has a post-human element to it. There is the human element with the woman, and also a plant element with the vines. The plant is sort of weaving through the woman's hair like it is part of her, making her part human and part plant. Very good!

Kaitlyn Brock
Popular Culture
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Anonymous said...

This painting is really pretty. It is definitely post-human because it is part human and part plant. She obviously has a human face but then her hair is both human hair and plant vines.

Liz Cottrell
MWF 9:00

Anonymous said...

When I looked at this, I looked at it as if the women was a seed just waiting. In this painting it seems to make sense that she was waiting to sprout,to bring spring to the earth, but in the grand scheme of things, this woman could be waiting for anything. That is very intriguing to me. This piece portrays obvious post-human parts to it. The seed idea, as well as the vines, are the non-human aspects to it, and then the face of the woman is the human side of it. I enjoyed how you weaved the vines into her hair, very unique. Fantastic!
~Jaime Ehrmann
(MWF 9:00)

Anonymous said...

Hi. Sorry this took so long, but hopefully late is better than never. I really like this painting because it is extremely unique and beautiful. I believe it is post human as the vine seems to be a part of the women as if she and the vine grew together as one. I especially like the symmetry of the painting. It is absolutely awesome.

Derek Lacey