Saturday, October 29, 2016

Starting Up Again

   Well, my son is tucked away at college and I  no longer have the excuse for not posting. I've been poking along, making a few new drawings, a new painting and printing editions of older drawings. I took those prints to Wheatland Music Festival this past summer. Even though it is just a short distance from my home, I had no idea what the festival was really about. The best way I can describe it is it is kind of like a mini Woodstock, except more fiddles, pretty nice port a potties and good food. Many, many people referred to it as a family reunion. I was a "Wheatie" (first time attendee), but there were some people who are almost icons of the festival. Some of them have been going since the first event in 1974. Here is one of them:
That is Gus on the right. He is a Cherokee Native American. He is an excellent dancer and I think an actor. He helped the guys selling jewelry next door to us by posing as a store Indian. So he is also a wise guy.

I don't know who this man is, but he graciously posed for a picture after I admired his t-shirt:

Here is a picture of our booth:

That's Kathleen VandeMark in the front. She and I shared a booth.

The people and the music were amazing. I've never felt kindness and good will in a large group (over 10,000 people!) like that before. I went there to sell art and came away feeling like I'd just been adopted into a huge new family. I'm looking forward to the next Happy Wheatland.

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