Thursday, October 28, 2010

Be Careful What You Wish For

For IF: She could savour it more, if she weren't in such a hurry to eat!

I just saw the film Eat, Pray, Love, and in the Italy portion of the film (Eat), the Italians tell her that Americans don't take time to savour anything. I think they are right, and we'd be better off it we could.

This little drawing was the result of two class demos on using charcoal. It started with a pair of eyes and a ball and progressed into this.


travelingsuep said...

This is an interesting illustration. I like your prose too.

Coreopsis said...

Lovely drawing! Very dark and sensitive. At first I "read" it as just a face with the guy having a lip ring, and then I noticed that was an apple. It's really interesting. I need to slow down and savor my meals more.

Jack Foster said...

Hey Lynette! Very cool tone and terrific work!