Monday, January 10, 2011

Litho paper

As I learn more about litho, I'm finding things to add and alter about my paper "What I learned at Ox-Bow".
First, I learned from Mariel that Simple Green, a cleaning solution in a very friendly spray bottle that one would think, because of the name is harmless to the artist and the planet. Not so. Mariel told me about a printmaking teacher who is pretty sure that Simple Green caused her breast cancer. A brief search on the net backs up this opinion, and there are sites that link the ingredients to Simple Green to all kinds of ailments. So it will soon be out of my paper!
Also, I have to check if I said this in the paper, but Stonehenge paper is not good for litho. I remember having a terrible time with litho at Idaho State, an experience that resulted in my swearing that I'd never do it again. Now I know that it was probably paper troubles all along.
The last thing is that I have conflicting information about the strength of the second etch. Mark Pascale said one thing and Mariel says another. I'm waiting for my Tamarind book on litho to show up to solve the argument.


Linda Hensley said...

This is all so interesting, even though I'll leave the printmaking to you. Keep up the good work!

Lynette said...

Thanks, Linda. Printmaking is the perfect mix of art and technique/problem solving! Although litho can be pretty elusive. Maybe I should put the word magical in the description as well. Thanks for stopping by.