Sunday, June 6, 2010

This is how far I am: the tessellations have been sewn together and hand colored, but they are not yet sewn to the quilt face. I'm off to Japan and S. Korea tomorrow, so when I get back, I can finish it up. Then, I'll make paper for the batting and we can have our first quilting bee!

I'm so excited: while I'm in Kyoto, I'm going to a printing class taught by Michigan native and Japanese trained printmaker Richard Steiner. Can't wait!


Unknown said...

it's looking great!

Are you going to submit any pieces to art prize this year?

Lynette said...

Thanks, flytrap! Yes, the quilt will be at the YMCA for ArtPrize. I'm just at the point of putting it all together now, and then we'll have a quilting bee and it will be finished! Thanks for stopping by!