Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Calvin College Trojan Horse Update

Well, I was at Kendall tonight for my final crit of the semester, and the Trojan Horse isn't looking so good. It has pieces torn out of it, and some writing on its front. I'm not sure if the students around it were crafting a response to the warriors at Calvin, or if they were just dismantling it. I spoke to two students about it; one was a grad and the other an undergrad. The undergrad didn't know much about it and was not surprised no one had acted yet. It is our final crit week, and next week are the reviews for B.F.A. and M,F.A. candidates, plus there are accreditation reviews going on, I think. So the event was ill timed for our side, but all's fair in war, right? The grad thought it was a Kendall project at first (as did I). I got the impression he thought it was rather silly.
I don't agree. I thought it was brilliant, because not only did the Calvin art students try to engage us, they did it in a very literary and cultured way. And, they provided me with the opportunity to talk about Homer in my ARTS 101 classes.
I'll find out tomorrow and report back about the fate of the horse. But I say, way to go, Calvin College Art Students!

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