Friday, April 22, 2011

Dreamer quilt, first draft

This is how my Dreamer in Training quilt looks at the moment. About 3 hours before my final crit at Kendall, I realized that maybe a large portion of my troubles have been due to my printing on Okawara paper, because the tessellation which will form the border, is printed on Bageese paper and it prints just fine. Both are made from coquille drawings and exposed and burned the same way. The only thing that is different is the paper. So, I think I'm done with Okawara, and maybe graphite on coquille for a while, too. I'm thinking about doing my next quilt based on a charcoal drawing of the Guerilla Girl Julia Child, called The Fitting Room. You can see a print of it here:

No news from my spies about the Trojan Horse.

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