Thursday, April 21, 2011

Guitar Kami

I finally got a good plate for this image, no thanks to my daydreaming tendencies. I was off in another world while burning the aquatint for this plate and exposed it for 10 seconds too long. I didn't want to risk using it for the quilt (I've had enough troubles with that!) so I hauled out this drawing and quick used it to make this plate. It turned out, so it was a happy accident after all.


Goatsinger said...

What's a kami?

The image is fantastic: weighty and effervescent at the same time -- don't know how you manage that.


Lynette said...

Hi Mike,
A kami is a Japanese nature spirit from the Shinto tradition. It can be an animal, rock, a whole mountain, or just about anything as long as it is imbued with mononoke. Did you ever see Princess Mononoke? That film is filled with kami.
Thanks about the image. I just came through a lukewarm critique and this was nice to hear.