Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Trojan Horse

This was in my Ferris/Kendall mail today:

If you have not been in the Ionia Lobby lately (outside the Activities & Resource Center), you may have missed the large Trojan horse. This is a declaration of "Art War" from Calvin College's Art Department. Their students came to Kendall, unannounced, and placed the large cardboard horse in our lobby. The following note was left with the horse.

"We, the members of Calvin College's Art Department, are ending the age of silence and are hereby declaring 'Art War' on the following institutions:

Kendall College of Art and Design

Hope College

Grand Valley State University

For too long has silence been the only common thread among the above schools and our own campus. Therefore We have taken it upon ourselves to send a message; we will no longer tolerate apathy, indifference, and lack of communication within the frontiers of the next generation of art makers and thinkers.

In the dark of night we have infiltrated the domains of the above establishments and placed a gift upon your doorstep. We stand ready and waiting for your next move.

-Calvin College, Art Department"

If you are interested in making that "next move" and/or helping to remove the horse from our lobby please sign up in the Activities & Resource Center. We would like your suggestions and manpower. If no one signs up by Thursday, April 21 at 3:00 pm, the horse will be removed with no response.

You've been challenged!

The horse is just a bit smaller than my living room.

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