Saturday, July 16, 2011

More experimenting

I haven't posted to Illustration Friday for a while, and yesterday, the prompt was gesture. Because I am still shaking off jet lag, I was in my studio late last night and decided to try some monoprints for the first time. I'm on a bit of a mission to try as many techniques as I can before I'm done with grad school, and this was on my list. I also think this will be a nice technique to share with my students in the fall. So here are the two prints I made at 2:00am this morning. The lighter one is a doctored ghost image from the first print. As far as the prompt goes, the duckling isn't gesturing, but the images are gestural in nature.


Unknown said...

i like the ethereal nature of these

INDIGENE said...

I adore the start contrast and the mystery it exudes! :)

DD said...

Oh. jet lag. terrible thing!
you'll wake up at 3am hungry, and you open the refrigerator looking for food, and 1 pm you have a terrible dream. ha ha I know.
Well I really like both images, although the first with the soft color burgundy, has its special charm. congratulations
Thanks for your comment!

Tammie Lee said...

seems wonderful to try new things and to see how they inspire you. these are wonderful

Lynette said...

Thanks to everyone. And duermodespieto, I changed my FB profile pic to the darker print because of your comment!